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Foreshore, 92 Barrage Road GOOLWA SA 5214

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Welcome to the Goolwa Aquatic Club (GAC)

The lower lakes of the Murray River are alive & well and bustling with activity. In 2012 the G.A.C were proud to officially open our brand new facility at the foreshore on Barrage Road which replaced the original clubrooms that were built in the 1960’s.

Goolwa’s ‘Aquafest’ was the first event of it’s kind which marked the special occasion, and it was a delight to see so many thousands of patrons visit the Club during the 2 days of festivities.

Moving forward from the opening day, the GAC are proud to be the parenting organisation for a range of sub committees for differing water sports, including:

  • Goolwa Vintage Boats
  • Goolwa Dinghy Sailing
  • GAC Sail Training
  • Goolwa Power Boat’s
  • Goolwa Dragon Boats

In addition the GAC Social Committee arrange all kinds of events off the water including live entertainment & functions. The brand new premises overlooking the Goolwa Channel is an ideal location for a good time where anything from a big party for a social gathering to a quiet meal & drink Wednesdays through Sundays nights can be enjoyed.

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Iain Neilson 17-01-2013, 16:33

Web site looking really good.

Annie 17-01-2013, 20:12

Bloody job guys. Love it!

Peter C 18-01-2013, 08:09

Good to see the Club moving forward during this time of change congratulation to all the hard working members and the committee

RHONDA WOJCIKEWYCZ 18-01-2013, 11:13

I have fond memories of our racing at goolwa in the 80,s and 90,s it was a long way to travel but we were most welcome and met the most amazing people,during that time we used to stay with the johns family and became very close friends good to see you have revived the club rhonda and mcihel wojcikewycz hot lemon race team

Skeet Lawson 20-01-2013, 19:28

An unreal day. Great day, everyone was really friendly and allowed our team Cause 4 Concern to go through our checks as it was our first time on the water with our new combination. We will be back. See you soon.

Greg Button 21-01-2013, 21:47

What a great weekend,might of missed out on winning a raffle but had a great meal and it was only friday!!! saturday night I was lucky enough to catch the Steve Brown Dave Rhodes show and It was great, some of the boating boys were here allready and were lapping it up!!! sunday morning came around and so did the BIG Breck’y (topped off with several coffee’s) Next thing you know it was ON!!!! boats both local and from around the state shook the window’s of river front homes and jaws dropped as high powered machines power’d down our stretch of river OUR STRETCH OF RIVER!!!! There is no other like it!!!! and as the noise of motors ebbed we were graced with yet another easy sunday of music from brother’s Dan and Kyle AKA half way to forth ….Thanks guy’s and girls’cooks and bar staff for a weekend to remember!!!

Greg Button 21-01-2013, 22:24

Big weekend,but where else would you rather be?started friday,lucked out on the raffles but had a killer tea!!!Then saturday came around and was blessed to be present at a great show saturday night by Steve Brown and Dave Rhodes Some of the boat boys were already here and they were lapping it up!!! Sunday morning came around and so did the big breck’y at the club (along with several coffee’s) and then it was ON!!!!! High octane fumes Window shaking exhaust’s and some jaw dropping speeds by boats both local and from around the state!!! BALLS’Y as they rode over a chop with no more than a prop in the water; and as the roar of the motor’s ebbed we were left to chat over a drink or two, whilst listening to brothers Dan and Kyle(half way to forth) Thanks go out to all concerned’YOU make GOOLWA ALIVE !!!!!

Jeff Heggaton 25-01-2013, 12:12

Great to see the GAC up and going again. Has been a while since I last raced there, the 90’s when Ronda Wojcikewycz was there and they had fires back at home in NSW. There is a bit of family history involved with the forming of the club way way back (50’s). When is the next power boat get together, might bring the F1 tunnel over from Gippsland.

admin 25-01-2013, 12:40

Thanks Jeff! The next meet is the Aquafest on the 13th and 14th of April. Your F1 boat would be an excellent addition to what is looking to be the biggest power boating event in years. We’ll email you some more details.

greg Button 16-02-2013, 14:42

Well the man in the hat is back again, singing praises to the club for another memorable evening of top shelf entertainment!There would not be one person who attended the Feb 10 th show that would disagree….John Schumann and Hugh McDonald accompanied by Mick Marino put on a fantastic show we watched an listened spell bound for over two hours as they played songs and poetry to music close to our hearts…Young and old, diggers polliticians and parents of recently fallen serviceman were all made a part of a wonderfull evening …..Thanks John,Hugh and Mick and all those that made this night happen.. Fantastic doesn’t even descibe the night well enough!!!

Des Riessen 23-02-2013, 13:58

I will be paddling through your area on 23 March in a yellow sponsored kayak.
This paddle event is the “Border to Beach Kayak Solo” as detailed on the Facebook site
of the same name and as listed on the Information Centre web site and Goolwa office.
I will be paddling from the SA/NSW border on 4 March for 665km and 21 days to the beach
of the Murray Mouth.
Please let me know if there are any other events or issues I should be aware of on the 23 March.
Also let me know if your facility is available for the beach landing celebrations, marking the end of this event.
If you are interested in supporting this fundraiser event please let me know.


for IGF and the Support Crew
m: 0418181486

Chris Parsons 08-03-2013, 21:18

Hi Mark, Linda asked me to remind you that her Flower Shop (Flower Spot Goolwa) is prepared to supply floral arrangements for the Aqua Fest as she did last year. Also She asked me to organise some vouchers so Flower Spot can go back to being a sponsor again.

Will be in touch soon Chris Parsons 0435104059

Peter Garnett 18-06-2014, 12:11

How can I find out more about the Ian Moss gig.In particular format ,cost and how to book.


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